Saturday, September 30, 2006

Diamonds & Cards: Sports Quote of the Week

Simple Living -- a goal of many frugal folks -- led to today's game-winning bases-loaded, 8th inning triple for the St. Louis Cardinals over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The deciding hit was delivered by a pinch-hitter in a horrible 1-for-20 slump.

“Before Saturday, Scott Spiezio's numbers as a pinch-hitter from the left side were just as futile as the St. Louis Cardinals' record the last few weeks,” the AP reported, noting that the Cards had “lost eight of the previous 10” games.

But simplicity led to a diamond run for the St. Louis Cards, who are in a feverish wild–card race for a baseball playoff spot. Spiezio powered in the game-winning score by just staying in the moment.

"I just go up there and try to keep everything simple, and that's what I did," Spiezio said

He also succeeded by blocking out past failures and grim stats.

"Numbers to me don't really matter," Spiezio said. "Anything that happens in the past doesn't matter, and if you start thinking about your numbers it can affect the future.”

I have that same theory about personal finance:

1) Keep it simple
2) Don’t obsess about past failures. Just step up to the plate and try to score a diamond-run.

full game report from AP

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