Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meredith Vieira: A Frugal View of Today?

Meredith Vieira — Katie Couric’s Today show replacement - seems pretty frugal, based on a profile in Good Housekeeping. Here are pros and cons about her money attitude.

6 Reasons Why Meredith Vieira Seems Frugal

1) Lack of Celeb trinkets: She walked to the interview without sunglasses, blackberry or a purse. No entourage or handlers.

2) Disowns Clothes. Dressed down for a dinner meeting at co-host Matt Lauer’s apartment. She wore: a white-tee, black jacket and jeans. Clothes: “I don’t own any,” she is quoted as saying in Good Housekeeping.

3) Rarely Shops: “Vieira never goes shopping and has, she says, absolutely no interest in keeping up appearances,” the article states.

4) Family Illnesses. Her husband’s recent spate of serious illnesses (cancer and MS) have made her “grateful for even the simplest pleasures,” according to the GH profile.

5) Because Barb says so. Barbara Walters says Vieira is not into stuff: “She lives in a beautiful home, but she is personally very unmaterialistic."

6) Frugal sound bite: “The prestige, the money, the whole the end of the day, that didn’t matter."-- Meredith Vieira in GH.

5 Reasons Why Meredith Vierira may not be frugal

1) She hosted Who Wants to be a Millionaire for four years.

2) Vieira is the mother of three teenagers.

3) Her Today show salary is $40 million over the next four years, according to industry rumors.

4) She owns a newly renovated home on the Hudson River. Transalation: big-ticket changes in her home.

5) She has expensive highlights in her hair. (I know NYC salon prices, and color stripes (lowlight and highlights) like that don't come cheap.)


Jeanette said...

It's true, there's one time on The View when the ladies were displaying the contents of their purses. Everyone had their expensive purses and she had a backpack.

the Prince of Thrift said...

According to NBC, she will continue in her role as host of Who Want's To Be A Millionaire in addition to her role on the Today show.