Saturday, September 09, 2006

Spa Chat: $250 Manicure & Cheap Paint

Ten painted, clipped and massaged fingers for $25 each. That's a total of $250 for a manicure at a high-end New York salon, according to a recent issue of People Magazine. But there are far cheaper alternatives.

1. Beauty Schools: for about $5 or 50 cents a finger, manicures are available at many beauty schools.

2. Do it Yourself French manicures cost as low as 50 cents ( or less) per session. That’s a nickel a finger.

3. Avon has a dry paint manicure. It’s like applying thin paint chips to your nails. The paint job looks very professional and lasts up to two weeks. (I've tried it.) The prices for this product range from about $5 to $8. It’s easy and cheap. And you don't have to wait for your nails to dry. No smearing.

4. Just slap on a coat of clear polish for pennies a session. It looks great. It’s cheap and when the paint inevitably chips, no one notice because the gloss is colorless.

5. Or just buff your nails with a good nail brush. Apply olive oil to your cuticles. The proceess provides a natural gleam without the harsh chemicals.

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