Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gas on Tuesdays & Other Tips

. Tuesdays (Midday) and Wednesdays (AM) are the best times for buying cheaper gas, according to the September 3 issue of Parade magazine. Weekly gas prices are lowest in the middle of the week. Also steer clear of buying gas on holidays, weekends and peak travel times.

. Look for the busiest gas stations. Why? They usually charge less and have fresher gas (fewer contaminants in the fuel).

. Avoid fuel stations on toll roads and near highway ramps (higher prices.)

. Don’t “top off” your gas. Danger: spills and waste.

. Know local prices. Even within a small region: lots of price differences

Helpful links

Parade recommended: gasbuddy.com for locating the best prices in a zip code.

Fuel calculator will help you figure out the amount/cost of fuel for your road trip.

This Top 10 list is one of my favorite for saving gas.

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