Sunday, September 03, 2006

Frugal Spa: New Clothes/Thrift Store Prices

Once a year, I buy 90% of my new wardrobe for the entire year. (This does not include gifts and hand-me-downs from family, friends and teenagers.)

Here’s my strategy:

• I go to the end-of-summer sale at Ann Taylor Loft. By September, the store is loaded with steeply discounted summer clothes that are perfect for the year-round warm weather in Miami

• I buy skirts, shirts, jackets at thrift store prices

• I try to avoid trendy items

Only if needed: I buy hats, bathing suits, sandals and other accessories at various stores: Marshalls, Payless Shoes

Recent savings at Ann Taylor Loft.

Black skirt: full price $60
I paid: $14.88

Black Tee shirt: full price: $19.00
I paid: $6.88

I used this strategy last year, and the tee-shirts (dress-up or dress down) still look crisp and the jackets look great.

I goofed on one skirt that was so cute, but so ill-suited for my figure. Hint: It was unflattering in a way that JLo and Beyonce might understand. (I gave that skirt away.) I also gave away a tee-short that was too big for me.

I’ve also picked up cute sandals at Payless Shoes for under $6. My puppy ate one pair ( I should have locked my closet door ) and the other still looks good.

I’ve also purchased bathing suits at Marshall’s for less than $5 on sale in August.

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