Monday, September 11, 2006

Meet Me on the Radio

I'll be chatting live on WLRN, an NPR station, with Joseph Cooper, host of Topical Currents at 1 pm on Thursday, September 14, eastern standard time.

Tune in anywhere: Hit the "listen now" button on WLRN's website; otherwise for local traffic in Miami it's: 91.3 FM on the radio dial.

My frugal buddy Melisa Neuman, another newspaper columnist, will also be on the show. Alone, I'm just a Frugal Duchess, but together with Melisa, we're the Frugal Queens.

We'll even get to the studio in a cool, white convertible late model sports car.
There's a frugal story behind the car, but don't ask me what model, because I don't drive. Melisa drives and I dream about driving.

We plan to talk about the pitfalls and perks of Off-Season shopping, Off-Season travel and saving electricity.

Leave a comment or send an email (sharonhr@bellsouth) with your favorite frugal tip. Time permitting, I'll mention as many tips as possible, with credit.

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