Friday, September 08, 2006

Frugal Spa Celeb: Courtney Cox

Why spend a fortune on make-up? Courtney Cox -- of Friends fame and Jennifer Aniston BBF -- is apparently taking a frugal approach to personal care as she ages, reports the Sept. 18 issue of In Touch Weekly magazine.

The magazine features a timeline of Cox photos dating back to her break-through 1980s fame in a Bruce Springsteen's video ("Dancing in the Dark") through her star turns in the Scream movie series and in Friends.

The verdict: Courtney (now age 40) appears to be spending less on makeup and with the make-under she really looks good. Less is clearly more.

In her own words:

"As I get older, I realize that the less makeup I wear, the better."
--Courtney Cox
Sept. 18 issues of InTouch Weekly.

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