Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bargain Scouts: Ashlee Simpson, Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell

Welcome to the Wednesday Frugal Celebrity Watch!

To help with research, my eagle-eye son spotted a shot of OC star Rachel Bilson in People magazine sporting a knit cap from Target. Very cute. I can't track down a link to the shot of her in the hat, but here's the link of Rachel Bilson shopping in Target from

What's interesting is that the other celebs in the People fashion spotlight were wearing knit hats that were much more expensive than the Target cap.

How good are the deals at Target? We have a new Target in my resort-style neighborhood, which is otherwise pretty devoid of real people shopping outlets. At Target, we purchased four bags of groceries for $24.11. One of the best deals: Vitamin Water for $1.39 at Target ($1) on sale, compared to $1.99 at a nearby Walgreens. (Vitamin Water is just an occasional splurge!)

But what's up with all the Celebs & Target? Are they paid to shop there? Here's a People Online snippet about bargain-hunting stars, including Kristin Bell in a $45 dress from Target and Ashlee Simpson in a dress from Urban Outfitter. (The price of the Simpson dress was $109; I would have waited for a sale!)

Here's a quote from the People article:

Stars Like Bargains, Too!

We love a bargain and obviously look forward to everything new at Target. And now we know that we have that in common with Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell (left). She attended a hotel opening in San Diego on Monday wearing a brand-new Behnaz Sarafpour for Target strapless dress that is only $45! She's not the only celeb shopping "off the rack!" We always covet Ashlee Simpson's style, but this time, we can afford it! After her last performance in Chicago she was spotted wearing an adorable Free People cord dress. It is $109 and looks cute with tights, leggings, or even over jeans (although maybe forgoing pants is the real moneysaver!). Bargain shopping is a trend we can always feel good about!

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