Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Stain Removal Kit

Our dog Scruffy danced on the rain on our balcony. He's a happy puppy and we're happy just watching him until we let him inside. His muddy paws leave prints on our grey carpet.

By trial and error, we've found an easy mud carpet removal tip: Wait, let it dry; then vacuum. When we immediately tried to wipe up the wet mud, our efforts were only counter-productive: The mud just seeps deeper into the carpet pile. After vacuuming, remove remaining dirt with a bit of clear packing tape.

This easy trick for mud removal is only one of a few holiday stain removal tips featured in a recent issue of Woman's World magazine.

Here are a few others:

1. Wine Stain on carpet: Pour a bit of cold water the stain. Apply a paste of three-parts baking soda/one part water to the stain. Let it dry and then vacuum up the dried paste and stain.

2. Lipstick marks on collars or shirts: Put a towel under the stain and then blot up the lipstick with a babywipe.

3. Cranberry stain on napkins: Get out a fresh lemon and a bit of salt. Squeeze fresh juice from the lemon onto the stain. Pour salt onto the stain. Rinse the napkin with cold water when the stain fades.

4. Gravy stains on tableloths and napkins: Lather up the fabric stain with shaving cream. Let the lather remain overnight. Next morning: Use a cold water rinse. Hint: the alcohol in shaving cream banishes the gravy stain.
Source: Woman's World



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