Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chasing the Prince of Profits in Blogsphere: Ideas from Dumb Little Man

I'm not really blogging for dollars. It's fun; it's ego; it's informative.

Basically, blogging has become an addictive hobby. But I have a friend, who began knitting as a hobby and has found a way to make a few bucks from her part-time passion. (She knits killer suits that look like some Chanel couture creation that Linda Evangelista* could wear in Vogue magazine. My friend also teaches classes to other would-be knitters.)

*(FYI Linda E. is my favorite supermodel. Evangelista is another bottom-line girl. She was famously quoted as saying that she does not wake up in the morning for less than $15,000 a day.)

So here's my bottom-line assessment of my blogging obession: Do it for fun, but try to make it pay! I've thought about offering editing services in exchange for small fees or some kind of ad barter. Or maybe I could peddle print articles about my so-called life as a blogger to big-ticket, big budget magazines.

For other ideas, I turned to Dumb Little Man, who has recently offered some great lists about money-making ideas and other tips on writing:

1. 50 tools for improving writing. This is a link I've used before my Dumb Litte Man introduction. I teach a journalism class to high school students and this list has great tips for writing.

2. This is a great DLM list, featuring 40-plus ways to make money on the Internet. I have been systematically going through his various ideas.

3. Then Dumb Litte Man followed up with another list of money making tips.


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Tabby said...

I have a friend who has an interest that's off the beaten path, and she's grown her blogging community enormously. There hasn't been any money involved, but that's not what her motivation for blogging was about. Now though opportunities are knocking on her door and money could be part of the picture for her. It's very exciting :).