Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tips from Adam Sandler's Bulk Shopping Trip

This Us Weekly magazine photo of Adam Sandler's recent bulk shopping trip made me think hard about some of the benefits of bulk shopping. Purchasing large quantities of jumbo-sized products represents a mixed bag of savings.

Sandler's shopping back included:
"family-sized packages of Charmin, Brawny paper towels, Coke, Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper at Ralphs in L.A. Nov. 11."
--source: Us Weekly

Stocking up on jumbo packages of paper goods is a smart move because a) potential cost-savings and b) huge supplies of non-perishables have a long shelf life. My best frugal friend Melisa has converted a linen closet and a large pantry into a mini-family warehouse for non perishable sale items.

But based on my own shopping experiences and Adam Sandler's shopping cart, I've developed these rules for bulk shopping.

1) Skip the national brands: Sandler's purchases -- clearly visible in the photo -- consist of many name brand items. Unless there's a super cheap sale, I usually skip the name brands. Many so-called private label, store-brand or generic products are produced in the same factories as the big-ticket name-brand version. The only difference: you're not paying more for celebrity endorsements and national campaigns.

2. Buy large quanitites: I like Sandler's jumbo shopping binge. Save time, gas and money, by scooping up lots of products at one time.

3. Watch per-unit costs. Not every jumbo package represents the best deal. Sometimes a smaller package offers the biggest money-saving option. Do the math before stocking up on the jumbo bundles.



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mapgirl said...

Don't forget! The killer app on a cellphone is the CALCULATOR. I can't promote that enough. Never complain you can't do the math on unit pricing. It's often right on the shelf if you read the tag. If you can't, whip out the phone and figure it out. :-)

ps - What about Penelope Cruz? She could always be a beautician if this acting thing doesn't pan out. She cuts and she colors!