Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tues. Tips: Wax Paper Memories & Other Uses

I remember sandwiches filled with lunch meat or peanut butter & jelly, then wrapped into wax paper and tucked into a tin-note Barbie lunchbox. Wax paper --popular for lunches before sandwiches were ziplocked -- makes me feel nostalgic.

Wax paper has other uses: Instant book covers for school. (Use bright stickers to make the covers more festive.) Wax paper is also great for lining shelves in cupboards or refrigerators. Wax paper will quickly line bureau drawers when you travel. I must be weird, but I don't always like tucking my clothes into some hotel bureau drawers or shelves. But enough of my phobias:

Here are other uses I've collected for wax paper from Reader's Digest.

Perfect Cake Decorating: Create your iced lettering and designs on wax paper (cut into the same size as your cake). Freeze the wax paper for 30 minutes. Next pry and slide the hardened letters and decoration onto the cake.

Other uses for wax paper: instant funnel, quick kitchen clean-up tool, easy bottle uncorker, anti-rust tool and other uses. Here's a link to the complete wax paper list from Reader's Digest.

Meanwhile, the Nov. 14 2006 issue of Woman's World offers these Wax Paper Tips:

*Candle Storage: Tuck candles away in wax paper to prevent scuffs and wear during storage.

*Help for Wet Books: Insert pieces of wax paper between wet pages. This should keep the pages from sticking together while the book dries out.

*Easy Shower Glide: Rub a bit of wax paper on the rod that holds up the shower curtain. This trick will make the curtain glide open and close.
--Source Woman's World.

And of course, as a little girl, I pressed autumn leaves between wax paper sheets. I think I have a lot of memories wrapped in wax paper.


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mapgirl said...

It's not just nostalgic. It's more biodegradable than plastic sandwich baggies.

Butcher wrap them and the sandwich shouldn't leak.

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

You're right Mapgirl. Wax paper is more eco-friendly.

Personally, I've given up on sending the little plastic containers in lunchboxes or lunch bags.

Theoretically, the hard containers are re-usable, but in truth: the little tubs just get tossed by kids during the lunch time rush. More landfill :(

Thanks for your comment.