Thursday, November 16, 2006

Diva without Dollars: 10 Goofs from my 20s

An article about retirement and savings strategies for the 20-something crowd in the Wall Street Journal has made me think about mistakes I made when I was younger.

Here's my list of errors

1. Too many restaurant meals on credit

2. Waited too long to join my company's stock sharing plan. (The public shares had already spiked dramatically before I came on board.)

3. Too careless with credit cards and other debt.

4. Too many weekly hair and nail appointments.

5. Loans against my 401K account.

6. Not putting enough money in the 401k plan

7. Going to Paris & Florence when I was unemployed. (HA!)

8. Spending a book advance that never arrived. (I was a Dim Light in the Big City)

9. Too many hours in the Ann Taylor Loft.

10. Buying holiday presents for big bucks at the last minute.

This snippet of advice from the Wall Street Journal is excellent:


• Max out: Contribute enough to capture your employer's maximum matching contribution.
• Allocate: People in their 20s should generally have at least 70% of their account in stocks. You have a long time to save; don't fret about market volatility.
• Don't default: Avoid your plan's default option if it's a money-market or stable-value fund. The low returns won't serve you well over time. source: WSJ



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