Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Imelda Marcos, Shoe Diva, Shops in Flea Markets and Gets a Job!!

Imelda Marcos has hit the flea market circuit and she's working for a living. The former diamond and shoe Diva Dictatoress has launched a new line of jewelry made from flea market finds and assorted cast-off materials, according to various news accounts.

She's also fashioned her accessory and jewelery line from her old clothes (vintage stuff!!) and newer items. Imelda -- the former first lady of the Phillippines -- uses "a glue gun, scissors or pliers," to create her pieces, according to her daughter.

"The Imelda Collection," will makes its debut on November 18. The initial designs do not feature shoes, but footwear may be in the future. And the prices range from $20 to $100. Hey maybe she'll make a line for Target, Kmart or Walmart.

Here are links to the ABC news feature about Imelda Marcus making jewelry from flea market finds and an AP story.



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