Monday, November 06, 2006

What Impulse Purchases Do You Regret?

We all make impulse purchases that we later regret. You know the drill: Buy now; whine later.

Two Miami Heat basketball players, for example, griped about their bad buys in a Miami Herald article that posed the question: "Have you made any impulse buys you regret?

For example, Miami Heat Forward Udonis Haslem has White Sofa Regrets:

"It's a real nice couch, real expensive couch, but it's white. It's like white leather, so if you wear blue jeans on it, sometimes the blue rubs off on the couch. It's very disappointing that I can't even really sit on it when I spent so much money on it." --Udonis Haslem, Miami Herald Nov. 5

Outcome: He's going to give the White Couch away to someone in his family.

Dwyane Wade --MVP of the 2005 NBA Finals --regrets buying a large gold charm featuring a design built around his Jersey number and his initials: DW3, according to the Miami Herald article.

"At the time I thought it was the hottest design.I wore it a couple of times.Then after a while, I didn't like the design anymore. I didn't even really understand what it was after a while.
I was like: "Man, I've got to get rid of this."

I regret: The Pink Isaac Mizrahi skirt from Target
Price: $9 (on sale)
Problem: So cute, but it was: Too big, Too pink for me. I looked a crazy ballerina in an oversized tutu.
Solution: I gave it away

I regret: The black skirt from Anthropologie
Price: $10 reduced from $100
Problem: I let a saleswoman tell me that the skirt was supposed to drop so low on my hips. I let myself be deceived because it was a such good deal. Not!
My husband says: Why did you buy a skirt that was too big. (I'm a size 2; the skirt was a size 6/8)
Solution: I returned the skirt.


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Angie said...

My Palm Pilot. I thought I would use it every day all the time. It's become a paperweight.

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

I've also had electronic planners that have collected dust.