Monday, November 13, 2006

Nickel's Checks & My Cheap Check Bonus

Sometimes the checks really are in the mail. There are many frugal ways to order them. Even large discount retailers such as Costco, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club have check-printing services.

The variety of check-printing options came to my attention during a phone interview with ''Nickel,'' the author of Five Cent Nickel, ( a popular website. Nickel faced several obstacles when seeking new checks at a bargain.

That's how my latest column in the Miami Herald begins. I was inspired to write that column by this piece from FiveCentNickel. I had fun chatting with Nickel. (Nickel: Great interview!Thanks for taking the time.)

Here's my personal PS: I also lucked out in the check-ordering business. I initially read Nickel's post because I needed to order checks. I was down to the last few and was seeking out a frugal and safe way to order replacement checks. I was about to order from one of the big discount retailers mentioned by Five Cent Nickel.

But my order was pre-empted by my bank. They sent me a batch of free checks. Why? The bank was changing some in-house routing numbers to comply with a new system. The bonus for me: totally free checks, no shipping charges.



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We should all be so lucky!