Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Captured Thief Provides Anti-Theft Tips to My Neighborhood Association

Several major thefts and home break-ins have kept my neighborhood on edge. The police recently caught the thief. Based on the interrogation of the alleged criminal, the police passed on these tips to our neighborhood association.

I've edited the suggestions for space and format, but the quotes are exact:

  • "Anyone can be the victim of a break in to their home by a burglar.

  • The general rule: make your home less attractive to the thief.

  • Be sure to lock all doors and windows prior to leaving your home.

  • If you have an alarm system, make sure you turn it on and use it.

  • Remember if you will be away on vacation: Stop mail delivery or have someone pick up the mail for you. Stop the delivery of the daily newspaper. Have an
    automatic timer for a light to go on in the house to give it the look of an
    occupied home.

  • If you will be gone for several days or longer, call the Police Department
    and ask for a watch order to be placed on your home, so officers will check the
    perimeter while you are gone."



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Dawn said...

How do you make is "less attractive" ?