Monday, March 12, 2007

My Favorite Post-its: Links I Like

Here is a roundup of a few of my favorite posts from the last week or so,.

The Simple Dollar has a very helpful piece about shopping in Farmer's Markets.
I enjoyed this article.

"... farmer’s markets are the place to go for inexpensive and fresh produce."--The Simple Dollar

Blogging Away Debt has a fun and insightful piece about her efforts to lower the monthly electric bill.

"We spent $30 and installed CFL light bulbs in our home. I unplugged the freezer that we really do not use. I turn off my computer powerstrip when I am not working." -- Blogging Away Debt

My Two Dollars posted an excellent item about the health value in organic vegetables.

"It always amazes me when I hear about people that complain about the cost of buying organic foods. I mean, this is the stuff that fuels you and keeps you's what keeps you alive. So why wouldn’t you want to put the best possible stuff in your body? "-- My Two Dollars

Dumb Little Man has a smart piece about maintaining a balance between work and home. He provides practical solutions for those of us work overtime.
"Occasionally we all have to work at night or on the weekends. The key here is to set an expectation when honestly important projects arise. If you really don't need to work, keep the electronics off. Don't login just because you are curious. As we all know you will find reasons to email people or start completing tasks." --Dumb Little Man



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Tricia said...

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my post :)

Tim said...

I enjoy shopping at farmer's markets too. We have one in Vancouver, WA and 15 min away in Portland, OR. I like supporting the small farmers and the food is so good!