Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Favorite Post-its: Links I Like

I had fun reading all sorts of post this week. Here's my regular roundup of some of my favorite posts from other bloggers.

Y0ur Money to Keep has a thoughtful piece about the meaning of wallet contents. The author provides great insights about the financial significance of family photos, cash and other items in our wallets.

Gen X Finance has a super post that addresses this question: Would You Buy a $150 Raffle Ticket For a Chance to Win a $350,000 House?

The Simple Dollar provides a great post: The Only Thing You’ll Need To Spend Is Time: Ten Great, Free Hobbies

Blunt Money offers a snapshot of My non no-spend day.

The Digerati Life offers a fun piece: How To Throw A Kid’s Birthday Party Without Spending A Fortune


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The Digerati Life said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for the reference :).