Thursday, March 15, 2007

Frugal & Rich: 10 Reasons I'd Save Even With Wealth

When looking for a gown to wear to a family wedding, I browsed through Marshall's and I also checked into an upscale boutique. In both stores, I saw the same gown, but the Marshall's version was about one-third the price of the boutique counterpart. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I was stunned by the huge price difference.

That moment of comparison shopping made me realize that even if I had a lot of money, I'd still live frugally. Here's why:

10 Reasons Why I'd Save Even With Wealtlh

  1. I would give more money to charity, including scholarship funds for inner city kids.
  2. I would save money in order to justify my purchase of the best court-side season tickets for Miami Heat games and NBA playoffs. I'd take my boys and I would also find some fun outing for my husband and daughter. They have to do something fun while me & the boys are at the games.
  3. I would be frugal in order to spend more money on my favorite projects and hobbies.
  4. I would save in fear of a downward shift in fortune. I, too, have my bag lady fears, something that even Oprah has confessed to.
  5. I would be frugal in order to pay back my parents, siblings and friends for all their years of generosity.
  6. I would donate money to various educational institutions, public and private. The list would include my parents Alma Mater: Cheyney University, Georgetown University (My school) and the schools that my children attend. I would also give lots of money to my syngogue.
  7. I would save in order to conserve the environment. I have too much stuff already.
  8. I would continue to clip coupons & shop sales with my savings going to greater purchases of organic produce. I would buy a larger share in a food co-op and provide several scholarship shares for those who can not afford to shop organically.
  9. I would save so that my children could live comfortably.
  10. And I'd live frugally just for the discipline.



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