Monday, March 19, 2007

Cheap Roots for the Garden: My Latest Miami Herald Column

I live in an apartment with a balcony that faces the ocean. Although, I miss the backyard of my childhood, I love the view. We've even created a container garden on our balcony. Due to my interest in gardening, I put together this piece for my latest newpaper column. The link to the full article, which appeared on Sunday in the Miami Herald, is below.

. There are many sources for free or cheap greenery. Plenty of plants and pots from garage sales decorate my porch garden. In addition to yard sales,there are many other sources of either inexpensive or free sources of plants and flowers, says Sue Williams of

Her No. 1 tip? ''Never be afraid to ask for anything,'' Williams says. She worked as an activities director for a nursing home and as a foster parent and says she ``always needed help getting supplies for both jobs. Consequently, I learned to ask for what I wanted as well as what I needed. I discovered people are very willing to help and to share. They just need to be asked.''

• Online sources: and feature free or low-cost merchandise, including plants. Williams recommends posting an online notice requesting excess plants from gardeners.

That's how my newspaper column begins. Here's the link to the rest of my latest column in the Sunday edition of the Miami Herald .


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