Monday, March 26, 2007

Cheap 'n Easy Floor Cleanups: A Link to Miami Herald Column

Between dog tracks, dust from the garden and sneaker prints, my broom and mop
have been working overtime since the recent installation of white high-gloss
tiles in my living room. Fortunately, there are time-saving short-cuts to reduce
clean-up time.

• Use your pencil. Simple pencil erasers are great for
removing scuff marks from tile and wood floors. I tested this tip and
successfully rubbed out a few marks from my new tile floor.

That's a short sample of my most recent column in the Miami Herald. The piece includes a rundown of time and step-saving tips for floors. And of course, while cleaning floor be careful on slick or wet surfaces. Here's the link to the column.

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Anonymous said...

also, rub baking soda into the scuff marks on floors. baking soda also rubs out other stains. works like magic on ground in surface dirt! i use it on all types of solid surface flooring: wood, linoleum, tile...

and don't repaint your dirty walls, use Soilax, it's detergent for the walls. washes off dirt, grease, grime, marks, children's handprints. brightens and cleans so well that the walls and mouldings can look freshly painted. you can save $1000s by just washing your walls instead of repainting. Soilax was sold at local hardware stores but lately it's been hard to find, but i did find some on ebay. (BTW, speaking of ebay, always and only bid during the last few seconds of an auction -bidswiping. bidding early only keeps on raising the final price. the sellers want you to bid early and often. but best to bidswipe, place your strongest bid about 5 seconds before auction close.)