Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Financial Planning with My Blog Revenue

Penny by penny, I'm approaching the $75 mark (WOW!), from Adsense revenue. I'm almost at the coveted $100 mark, which means that a check will soon be in the mail. Faced with that handsome sum, I've begun to consider my investing options and to wonder what other people plan to do with their blog revenue.

Here is my list of options:

1) Take that check -- together with a $50 article reprint check from another source -- and put it into my savings account. Retirement is looking better.

If I save $100 a year, at a 6 percent rate of return, I'll have an additional $1,318 in 10 years. (Thanks to Hugh Chou for the calculations.)

2) Put the check towards the amount I plan to invest in a new web design.

3) Have Frugal Duchess pencils printed with my blog address and pass the promo items out at a local mall. I'll use my foot traffic to drive site traffic.

4) Pay bills.

5) Apply the check to the purchase of a notebook computer, a move that will free up computer time for the rest of my family. (Since, I started blogging, computer time for the rest of the family has been a rare commodity.)


prlinkbiz said...

I vote for the laptop! LOL

Larry Nusbaum said...

Or, marry a middle aged Jewish doctor and be done with it!