Monday, August 21, 2006

$600 room for $149: Vacation Part 2

Staying in a $600 room for $149 is my definition of luxury. We're back from 2 days, one night at the Grove Isle Resort & Spa in Coconut Grove.

Trust me, the photos on the hotel website understate the beauty of this place.

Our little trip represented our attempt to experiment with off-season rates in a tropical resort near our home town. (Tomorrow, I'll write about how we kept the price low.)

Here's the breakdown of expenses.

$149.00 per night (The typical rate at the peak of the Miami season: $529. The maximum rate posted on the room chart in our closet showed a price of $700)
$20 overnight valet parking
$15 resort fee (included unlimited free use of hotel computer/Internet/biz center)
$21 taxes county and state tax

Altogether we paid $205 for a snippet of paradise.

Here's what I liked:

*Beautiful room with a water view

*Full balcony with comfortable, elegant chairs/table

*Unlimited use of computer, Internet/office supplies. (Very helpful for business travelers and bloggers)

*Free refrigerator in room

*Two televisions (including a large plasma TV in the main room and a small tv in the bathroom)

*Free morning newspaper (delivered in an elegant leather pouch)

*Free coffee (make it yourself in the room)

*Free use of fitness room.

*Beautiful walking trails, pool, spa area and seated/picnic areas

*A large chess set, with pieces that were almost as tall as my eight-year-old daughter. (My kids had fun playing chess on the oversized board)

*The complimentary bowls of fruit at the front desk and the fitness center.

The resort staff was kind, attentive and efficient.

Bottom line: Altogether, we spent less than $6o per person, with treats and perks for a fabulous short vacation that felt as if we were gone a week. We are so rested.

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