Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekly Wrap: Favorite Post-its

My Frugal Weekend Spa concludes with a weekly wrap-up featuring my favorite pieces from other bloggers.

Stress is often a side effect of our financial obsessions. Therefore, I loved, loved the Dumb Little Man’s post about 100 stress busters

Mapgirl posted a very thoughtful and engaging piece about getting the most for your medical dollars.

This piece about annual savings requirement from Free The Drone was insightful.

Likewise, Free the Drone also had a yummy piece about online restaurant discounts.

I love lists and Molly’s Brother offered a terrific list about 25 ways to make money.

Digital Breakfast chews over some thoughtful comments about the real estate bubble.

The Might Bargain Hunter chats about yard sale finds and strategies for the getting good stuff for less.

Adult ADD and Money has great tips for staying organized and saving money while grocery shopping.


mapgirl said...

Thanks for the re-post! Now it's time for me to do some chores around the house. But I'd rather keep blogging! ;-)

John M said...

Thank You for the mention.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for mentioning me in your weekend roundup!

"D"igital Breakfast