Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekly Post-its: My Picks

Here is a weekly round-up of some of my favorite posts:

Happy Birthday to JLP's Dad

Forget the billboards, cards and balloons. Blogs can deliver great birthday wishes.

The creator of All Financial Matters, for example, has posted a great and instructive birthday message to his father. Sweeter than cake!


From Seattle Simplicity, this is a thoughtful item about commuting on a bus. I love public transportation, but this is the downside, all riders have experienced at one time or another:

Seattle Simplicity: Bus Commuter Tales of Woe

Number Crunching in New York

Hey, the numbers are overwhelming, but this thoughtful piece from My Open Wallet about financial security in New York made me miss my old loft in Manhattan. It's like a trip from Miami to my Northeast roots.
life in New York


Check out the new apartment from Through a Glass Darkly, which is tastefully furnished and significantly cheaper than the couple's last apartment. I think they spotted it on Craigs List

The photos are great. I love the cat! cool apartment


JLP said...

Thanks for the mention and thanks for leaving a birthday wish for my dad.



Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

I appreciate your feedback. Take care and best wishes!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yay! Our new apartment is great. We moved close enough to Georgia Tech for my husband (a Ph.D. student) to walk to school, so we'll be saving even more money when we sell my car (losing my payment), get rid of my car insurance, and no longer pay Dan's parking permit.

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Hey Sally:

That's so cool about your husband walking to school.

Walking is my favorite form of transportaion.