Friday, August 18, 2006

More Lessons from My Dog

Scruffy --our dog-- is a rescue dog. We may have "rescued" Scruffy, but he has saved us from so many bad habits.

A little while ago, I wrote about some of the (frugal and time management) lessons we have acquired from our canine pet.

The learning continues. Here's an update.

1) Focus.

We play a modified version of soccer with Scruffy. We kick a small tennis ball; he plays goalie. He's fierce. It's hard to get the ball past him, because he is so focused on that fuzzy yellow ball.

Lesson: I should be as tenacious and focused about my savings, personal and professional goals.

2) Enjoy the home cooking

The sight of our home-cooked meals makes Scruffy salivate. He jumps; he whines and barks for a sample of our dinner.(We don't comply)

Lesson: Enjoy eating at home. The home-cooked food on my table is a major treat. Who needs expensive restaurant meals? I'll eat out less and enjoy more.

3) Be Alert

Scruffy barks when he hears or sees anything unusual or out of place around our home. He's sweet; but he's a great guard dog.

Lesson: I should emulate Scruffy's state of attentiveness as I study bank statements, store receipts and other documents. I should hunt down mistakes and other random charges that are out of place.

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