Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Duck! The Insurance Rep is Here

For a new job, I'm studying the insurance menu. So I was really interested when this money-saving release about the insurance industry (below) hit my email box. It's aimed at businesses, but many of the points apply to the ultimate home business, namely our personal budgets.

Here is the text:

"Hide! Here Comes the Insurance Guy

"Rick Vassar is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill insurance person. Rick Vassar does not sell insurance. He buys insurance. He is a risk manager.

His new book, Hide! Here Comes the Insurance Guy, educates and entertains with energy and enthusiasm.

With a no holds barred and no prisoners taken approach, he takes the mystery out of the most mind-numbing insurance questions that plague everyone who’s ever sat down with an insurance policy and tried to make sense out of the minefield of questions that have to be answered.

“We all need insurance,” he says “but let’s face it – most of us can’t understand a single word insurance people are saying.”


1. Understand the language

Like any other specialization, insurance has a language and cadence all its own. You must learn the language to understand the process.

2. Know the players

Once you understand how all the pieces fit together, you will better understand the process. Better understanding leads to better management, which leads to savings.

3. Develop a strategy

Just as your business has a game plan (for example: goals, vision, mission, five-year plan), there are subtle yet distinct ways to work your insurance program to maximize your coverage for minimal cost.

4. Invest the time

You spend years and years going to school so you can get a good job or start your own business. You go to conferences and seminars to aid in your development as your career progresses.

If you take the time initially to learn about insurance, how it works, and how you can make it work for you, it will help you reap real financial benefits while providing the maximum coverage for your company.

Hide! Here Come the Insurance Guy – A Practical Guide to Understanding Business Insurance and Risk Management

By Rick Vassar, CPCU, ARM, AIS, ARM-P

ISBN 0-595-38608-3 List $17.95 196 pages 6 by 9 inches soft cover trade

ISBN 0-595-83388-8 List $27.95 196 pages 6 by 9 inches hard cover trade

Available from and from bookstores."

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