Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yahoo Auto Efficiency Calculator

Yahoo has released a new calculator for measuring the total cost of operating your car.

This text arrived in my email box today:

"Detailed information including fuel costs, insurance, maintenance, fees/taxes, depreciation, financing and even opportunity costs can be quickly analyzed on the Yahoo Autos!Total Cost to Own estimate.

(Click on “New Cars,” then “Compare Cars,” and enter the cars you would like to see side-by-side.)

This data can then be charted against other vehicles to see how the total cost to own and residual value compares among multiple vehicles over several years. This new feature gives consumers a reality check on a vehicle's “true cost” over the lifetime of ownership.

For example, a search for vehicles with the lowest cost per mile over a five-year period, estimating approx 15,000 miles driven a year, turns up the following results.

Cars with Lowest 5 Year Operating Cost (Cost Per Mile)

1. Toyota Yaris (3-Door Liftback) - 37 cents per mile

2. Chevrolet Aveo (Special Value Sedan) - 40 cents per mile

3. Honda Civic Sedan (DX 5-Spd MT) - 40 cents per mile

4. Toyota Corolla (CE) - 40 cents per mile

5. Scion xA (5-Door Hatch Back) - 41 cents per mile"

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