Sunday, August 20, 2006

Post-its: My Weely Blog Roundup

Lots of good stuff in the blog community this week. Here's Part I one of my
Weekly Post-its.

Yet Another Blog about Money has a thoughtful and thought-provoking post on dental insurance. With a straight-to-the point style that beneifts managers should emulate, this post walks you through the pros and cons of dental insurance. Is it or isn't it a good deal to sign on for the company dental plan or your own dental insurance?

Can you live a meaningful life without kids?
Financial Freedumb ponders those questions in a recent post and offers some info on adoption and foster care.

No Limits Ladies has an interesting post called seven cures for a lean Fendi purse (Cure 5.) I liked her comments about having a good home.

Well it’s thundering in Miami and I don’t want to fry my computer when the lights go out.
I’ll post more post-its later!


freedumb said...

Sharon, the mention is much appreciated!

prlinkbiz said...

Thanks girl!