Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Free Passport: Skip Online Tolls.

I found a great freebie in the August Issue of Real Simple.
Have you ever gone surfing online, found a great piece and then read three lines and faced a fee? Or worse, what if you really, really need this piece (for work, school or sanity)?

That has happened to me. I've hit the wall of fee-based registrations for online materials.

But with this free passport, you can skip pass the online tolls. It's called NetPass. (www.congoo.com)

Here's description from the company's website:

"Congoo NetPass Features

1. Download the NetPass.
2. Start enjoying instant, FREE access to nearly 300 premium content sources*.
3. Find exclusive premium content with Congoo search."

They have an outstanding list of online publications ranging from financial fee-based reports for Wall Street fans to popular or obscure newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias. There are lots of industry trade publications. Windows is required.

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