Saturday, August 26, 2006

Frugal Back Wash (Weekly Comments)

The Frugal Weekend Spa continues with a roundup of comments from other bloggers and readers.


No Limits Ladies talked about money, kids and education.

"The most important thing I have found is just setting an example makes the biggest impact on little ones."
--No Limits Ladies


Through a Glass Darkly spoke up about my post about the conflict between retirement savings and college fund savings:

"Great post. As a child of parents who haven't handled money so well, I can assure you I'd rather know my parents can afford retirement than know they could pay for me to go to college. I say that even after having paid for college myself. It's just that important."
--Through a Glass Darkly

No Limits Ladies also had insights about that post.

"I always pick answer D: put my money towards becoming financially independent and teach my kids to do the same. I know of three people who invested in real estate to put themselves through college, and fully intend to help my kids learn to first manage money- so they can afford the things they want in life for themselves."
--No Limits Ladies.


One Money Dummy Getting Smarter talked back about my 10 tips for cheaper vacations.

"The mini-bar prices always stun me! Mr. MoneyDummy's boss stayed at a hotel in Vegas in which the minibar was equiped with lazer sensors which charged the product to guests' bills the MINUTE the bottle was lifted from the case."
--One Money Dummy Getting Smarter

Calgirlfinance cheered about my $600 room for $149

"Looks like a fun time away! I love cheap vacations!"

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prlinkbiz said...

LOL Apparently I was full of insight this past week, I might have met my quota for the month... lol Thanks girlie! c\_/