Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moms: Unhappy With Plastic Rewards Programs?

Do we really take advantage of credit card rewards programs? Apparently not, according to this survey:

The actual text (edited) is below:

"Get the Most Out of Your Rewards Credit Card

While moms have rewards credit cards, many are not redeeming the rewards they have earned, according to the "All About Rewards" survey of moms nationwide, conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by the Disney Rewards(R) Visa(R) Card from Chase, a leading rewards credit card for families.

Reaping the Rewards
The "All About Rewards" survey found that 53 percent of moms with a
rewards credit card have not redeemed their points.

The survey finds that 55 percent of moms haven't redeemed their rewards because they feel they haven't earned enough points for something they want, while 41 percent are
waiting for the right time to redeem them. Additionally, 31 percent are unsure
of the rewards their credit card offers.

What Moms are Saying
The "All About Rewards" survey uncovered several other interesting findings
about moms who have a rewards card:

-- 41 percent of moms say they are dissatisfied with their rewards card

-- 34 percent of moms say their credit card does not offer the types of
rewards their family wants

-- 32 percent are frustrated by the restrictions their card carries (e.g. black-
out dates, limited availability to use rewards for flights and hotel rooms, high
point thresholds)

"Many families value variety and flexibility when it comes to rewards card
programs, which is why we designed the Disney Rewards Visa Card with no
block-out dates and no capacity restrictions that can be used towards just
about everything Disney from toys, DVDs and books to Disney Park tickets,
hotel stays, dining and shopping," said Jenny Cohen, vice president of
consumer relationship marketing for The Walt Disney Company.

For more information on the "All About Rewards" survey or the Disney
Rewards Visa Card, visit Disney Rewards Visa.

About the Survey
This survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Disney
Credit Card Services among 539 women (aged 18 and over), within the United States, who are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 18, of whom 223 have a credit card that gives rewards based on spending."

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