Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flipping Toys: Kids Make Money By Shopping & Selling

A little while ago, No Limits Ladies featured a piece about flipping cars. Other people have flipped houses. I've been thinking about flipping clothes. Here's my plan: Shop in the clearance racks of high-end clothes stores, buy up items for pennies on the dollar; sell clothes on eBay or in consignment stores.

Teens and Tweens are taking the same approach to toys & video games. The New York Times has written this piece about "Barons Before Bedtime," which features how kids are making money in the New Economy. It's a simple strategy: Buy up new stuff in budget bins and resell the items online. Makes more than cents to me!

Here's a snippet from the article:
"ONE of Bradley Ziegler’s favorite days is the day after Christmas, when the bargain bins at Toys “R” Us and Wal-Mart are filled with marked-down DVDs and GameCube games. As he has done for the past two years, Bradley will pick up an armful of $3.99 games and movies and then auction them for up to 10 times that on eBay to regular customers from Kentucky to Cyprus." --source: New York Times



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J.D. said...

Sharon, I plan to write about something similar to this soon. One of my former employees used to go to the local Goodwill superstore where they sell clothes by the pound. He'd sort through for the high-quality stuff, spend $20 on a Saturday afternoon, list the stuff on eBay, and basically make ten times what he'd spent. He didn't get rich doing this, and it took him a lot of time, but it gave him enough money to buy the old cars he loved to tinker with.

Man on a Mission said...

Nice idea for some extra income. I may look into that myself - seems like something my daughter and I could do together since she is the clothes shopper in the family!

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate that snapshot of your neighbor.

I feared that the exercise might be too time consuming. But I think I might try it & then report back.

Man on a Mission:
Thanks for the comment. Let me know how this project works with your daughter. We can compare notes.
I think that I might try clothes flipping for a month. (It'll be my Feb. project.)