Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tues. Tip: Recycled Earrings, My Frugal Facelift & The Decorated Shoe

It was an important event and I was scrambling for a hair ornament. Searching through my cluttered jewelry box was no help. My chains, pins and other trinkets --clumped together-- looked like a free-form abstract sculpture.

But from the velvet choker-hold of clutter, I found creative freedom from a piece of costume jewelry. In the center of my palm, I held a large amber earring. I'm still trying to track down the mate, but I only needed one for this project: I held back my hair with a plain elastic and clipped on the amber earring: An instant hair decoration. It sparkled. I sparkled!

Inspired, with my little act of fashion improv, I started thinking about more uses for my large amber clip-on earrings that my husband purchased from a thrift store. (I have pierced ears and the clip-ons pinch. But they are really pretty!!!)

1. Shoe ornaments: Attach clip-on earrings to a pair of plain pumps. The recycled accessories look like an expensive shoe decorations. Very chic.

2. Brooch. After the hair jewelry success, I clipped the amber earring to a small bolero jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. It was a perfect accent for my outfit. I was all in black because: a) I thought I was back in my Slave of New York East Village days, b) I was pretending to be an upscale middle-aged Fashion Editor or c) I was trying to pass as a Gen-Y (or younger) goth.

All of the above. The faux-brooch gave my delusions a spark of color.

3. Instant pendant. Clipped onto and dangled from a chain, the amber earning really could be an expensive necklace bauble. On my next trip to the bank, I'll deposit it in my safe deposit box.

4. Scarf Pin: This is sweet. The earring anchors a scarf and does double duty as a real show piece.

5. Face-lifting Head Band. Who needs botox, when you can wear a tight head band (pulls the face taut) decorated with a flashy, but tasteful ornament? Clipped on to my black head band, the amber earring provides a cute face lift. Very frugal. No side effects. No sedation. No painful needles of poison.

I'm out of ideas. But this link has a few. I especially like the tips about dismantling old earrings and using the gems to decorate cell phones and luggage. The tip is from essortment.com and you have to scroll down past the Google ads to get to the tips. It's worth the trip.

Oh and the Wall Street Journal online is free today, Jan 2.


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