Saturday, January 06, 2007

Luxury For Less: Tom Ford Chats about Cheap Chic

Low prices are the latest trend in high fashion. That's the word from Fashion Guru Tom Ford (formerly of Gucci). Ford offered his overview of Frugal Fashion trends in a recent article from the Wall Street Journal.

Here's a snippet of his comments.
"With Target, for example, you go in there and find something that is a great price and wonderful for its intrinsic value. This is democratization of fashion. I love this high-low concept," he says, adding: "There is all this accessibility -- everything is now online."

Signs of Cheap Chic as spotted by the WSJ:

*$69 frocks from designer Vera Wang, who usually makes red-carpet gowns (at eye-popping prices) for celebrities.

*The expansion of upscale designer names at low-priced stores such as Target and Wal-Mart

* The popularity of high-fashion at low-ticket vendors such as H&M

My own insights:
Designer fashions are often wildly overpriced. There's a huge price difference between the cost of production and store price tags. Marketing and Advertising usually add to the price tag. I wrote about that subject in this article for the Budget Fashionista.



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