Monday, January 29, 2007

Woman Fights Hospital over Missing Foot: Medical Identity Theft Strikes Again!

Medical identity theft is one of the latest scams in the ID crime theft business. BusinessWeek reports that criminals are stealing IDs in order to get expensive medical care. The scenario forces innocent consumers to fight unreal hospital bills.

One woman, for example, had to argue about a missing foot. She flashed her own feet (still attached) to prove that she was not the amputee, who had undergone expensive surgery.

Here's the snippet:

When Lind Weaver opened her mailbox one day in early 2004, she was surprised to find a bill from a local hospital for the amputation of her right foot. Surprised because the 57-year-old owner of a horse farm in Palm Coast, Fla., had never had worse than an ingrown toenail.

After weeks of wrangling with the hospital's billing representatives, Weaver stormed into the medical center and kicked her heels up on the desk of the chief administrator. "Obviously, I have both of my feet," she told him. source: BusinesWeek

Earlier, I wrote this piece about medical fraud.


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