Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sienna Miller: The Star Power of Borrowed & Vintage Fashion

Why pay for the dress if you can borrow it? Why buy new, if a vintage (translation: "used") outfit looks great? That's the wisdom that I picked up from this recent red carpet photo of Sienna Miller in People magazine.

Miller is snapped in a vintage dress and she also loves borrowing the clothes from the wardrobe department of her latest movie.

Sienna Miller does the shimmy shake in a vintage dress at the New York premiere of her film Factory Girl on Monday. "I love the clothes!" the actress told PEOPLE about the movie's '60s-inspired wardrobe. "I haven't actually gotten to keep any yet, but I'm working on it. --Sienna Miller in People

But it's not just stars that have the luxury of stepping out in frugal, but fashionable clothes. The other day, one of my neighbors appeared in a super outfit.
She told me that it was from the HMD (Handy Me Down) Boutique, in other words, a gift from a friend.

Likewise, for a relative's wedding, I wore a borrowed gown. After the night was over, I dry cleaned the dress and returned it. The benefit: limited cost on my part and I don't have to wear the same gown again.


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