Friday, January 19, 2007

Insider Tips for Getting on Deal or No Deal; Writing Tips I've Learned

A casting insider for the hit show Deal or No Deal offered some really good tips today on a local Miami station. (102.7 Majic)* Casting for the show is tomorrow (Saturday) in Miami and by early Friday afternoon, the crowds had already started to line up.

Luke, the show's insider, spoke to deejay Mindy Lang and here are his tips:

1) Put something "neat" on your application for the show. Be original. Be Real.

2) Prepare for a 30-second interview. Be personable. Have a story to tell. "Stories are nice. Tell me something original," Luke said.

3) Be special. "I'm looking for that it factor, that personality, that glow," he added.

4) Don't be a copycat. Too often while people are standing in the audition line, they compare notes and exchange stories. The result: copycats and bland Wannabes

Final quote: "Come up with something original...that's true about yourself," Luke said during the radio interview.

What I learned from Luke:

1) Always keep a pen handy.
2) Keep an open mind. Good advice comes from strange sources.
3) Pay attention.
4) Be real. His comments reminded me of the recent excellent post from The Weight of Money about the importance of real stories and content that connects. I enjoyed that post so much.

*Note: 102.7 (Majic in Miami) is an oldies station. Tag line: Your favorite hits from the 60s, 70s & 80s. My fondness for that station is the only telltale sign of my status as a member of the Aging Baby Boomer Demographic Group. I usually "pass" through the age borders as if I were a younger Gen X or Gen Y mom. Clearly, I must have issues about aging.


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