Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Ugly Betty Co-Star Gets Frugal Exercise

Rebecca Romijn -- the newly unveiled & post-op beauty -- (the surgery was only onscreen) -- from Ugly Betty -- believes in frugal exercise. In this photo from People online, Romijn is snapped while cycling with her partner Jerry O'Connell.

Jerry O'Connell and fiancée (and newly minted Ugly Betty star) Rebecca Romijn keep their fitness regimen in sync while pedaling the mean streets of Calabasas, Calif., recently.-- source: People

What a smart pair! Biking is a cheap way to get around town and to get exercise. What's more, O'Connell and Romijn are wearing matching Wheaties shirts. Coincidence? Or is the duo getting paid for their exercise routine? Or are they just fans of the cereal, which is a frugal breakfast option?

The advertising-while-biking angle fascinates me. I wrote about turning your car into a driving billboard. (Driving for dollars; making up to $400 a month with ads on your car.] I guess the same idea could apply to biking.


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