Thursday, October 12, 2006

15 Rules for Dealing with the New Target on the Block

Life is tough when you live in a tourist trap. In our low-budget apartment in a big-ticket resort area, we co-exist with upscale sorbet shoppes (onion flavored sorbet), funky clothing boutiques, and countless restaurants. It’s easier to get a manicure than to buy milk!

The closest real-people (discount) shopping zones are about an hour a way, in traffic. We celebrated when we finally got a new Office Depot. Now we have a Target!

To contain my latent addictive shopping tendencies, I have created these rules:

I will:

1) Shop in bulk, picking up sale merchandise of things I really need.

2) Read the weekly Target flyer with an open mind, but a closed wallet.

3) Stock up on children’s birthday presents during sales.

4) Watch out for 75-90 percent off post-holiday candy sales. (great for birthday parties)

5) Crunch numbers to make sure that the deals are really good deals. Not all jumbo sizes offer better per-unit prices.

6) Leave my debit card home when shopping.

7) Selectively fill my cart in the Dollar aisle

8) Always, always check out the clearance aisle before buying other goods.

9) Shop with a list.

10) Keep a list of my children’s sizes in my wallet.

11) Read the competitors’ flyers and bring the flyers with me while shopping at Target. Get them to match competing offers.

12) Use coupons

13) Stay home, do laundry, & take inventory before shopping. Pay myself to stay home.

14) Skip past the Starbucks counter.

15) Launch a new chapter of Shoppers Anonymous.

1 comment:

jersey jen said...

hey there, you have some pretty good "rules" against shopping addiction! i think i should follow your lead to control impluse buying!