Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Wrap: Favorite Post-its

From laptop lunchboxes to 25 Ways to Save, this week’s menu of Personal Finance posts had some great items. Here are some of my favorite post-its from other blogs.

Financial Freedumb provided a great guest post on the value of cheapness and the hazards of Crapville.

A Path to Simplicity offered an insightful post about laptop lunchboxes. This post contains the pros/cons and potential savings of a fancy lunchbox.

Seattle Simplicity features a cute book review on novel about a London-based corporate lawyer who ditches her career for a simple life. Title: The Undomestic Goddess.

Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget has a great post about frugal ways to have great skin. I loved the ideas offered.

Based on a concept from Dawn at Frugal Living, Getting to Enough offers 25 ways to save.

Miel of Double Income No Kids has put together a thoughtful post about the emotional ties of money, pointing to her wedding ring and home. Super item!

Sally of Through a Glass Darkly has written some insightful posts about love, couples and money, with helpful links on the subject.

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