Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Tip: Unusual Uses for Baby Wipes

Give me a baby wipe and a surface and I'll give you a shine. I call it the "12 second tidy." I get extra mileage from the cloths by splitting them in halves or quarters, which is more than enough for most cleanup jobs.

I've used baby wipes to peel off makeup, wipe down countertops and remove stains. "And it stops pimples," says my daughter Yael. "And guess what? It works very well," Yael adds.

This baby wipe link includes 14 uses ranging from crayon removal to shower scum banishments.

Likewise, the Do-it-Yourself Network has a helpful piece about baby wipe uses, including: how to clean up leather shoes. carpets and sequined gowns with baby wipes.

From Real Simple Magazine:

What’s the one timesaving product you can't live without?
Baby wipes are so useful. I have them all over — in my car, in the garage, in the den. I use them to spot-clean — wipe a smear off a computer monitor, kill pesky bugs. They're quick and disposable.

This tip comes from Real Simple reader B. SUTTON, Washington, D.C

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Angie said...

Oh Sharon. I only wish that a quarter or half a wipe would do the job on my son's ...well...you know.