Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Frugal Celeb Wheels: Keith Richards bikes; Rachel McAdams takes bus

Biking is a frugal way to get around. Keith Richards bikes around London, albeit without a helmet. (A no-no, especially after his head injury.)

I'm not a biker and I'm not a celebrity. But several times a week, I'm driven around town in a long stretch veheicle operated by a uniformed driver, who politely opens the door for me. Apparently, actress Rachel McAdams, uses the same frugal limo service.

Hello Bus Driver! I support public transportation and I applaud this photo (from US magazine) of actress Rachel McAdams waiting for a bus. Public transportation is cheap, green and time-savvy.

For $1.50 a ride, I catch buses in Miami. During bus rides, I read, organize and relax. Of course, in South Florida -- a car-crazy, sub-tropical stretch of highway -- my bus riding habits are often viewed with humor, pity and bemusement.

As a former resident of Manhattan -- where public transporation is widely used and widely accepted -- I'm puzzled by the class divisions over public transportation in South Florida and other areas of the country.

Relative to public transportation, driving is an expensive form of commuting. This cost of driving calculator (from the Seattle Monorail Project) is a great tool for tallying driving costs.

Meanwhile, I view my bus commute as a luxury. I let other drivers spin expensive wheels.

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