Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity featured in TBF's Broke Ain't Cute Series

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is the featured blogger today in the Budget Fashionista's Being Broke Ain't Cute series. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity,( has a great piece about how to start investing with $100:

Here's a sample:

How to Invest $100 by Bargaineering (Blueprint for Financial Prosperity)

October 18, 2006 07:09 AM
A few weeks ago, I wrote a relatively popular piece about inventive and effective (risk-less) ways to "invest" a hundred dollars and today I'll expand on that a bit and add on a few more ideas.

How To Invest $100

The gist of the article was to take advantage of promotional offers from banks and brokerages to take a $100 deposit and turn it into a much larger sum through free money offers. The offerors included Bank of America, Sharebuilder, Virtual Bank, and ING Direct. Bank of America offered cash to new account holders who initiated a direct deposit, Sharebuilder has several promotional codes good for free money, Virtual Bank and ING Direct have deposit bonuses where if you deposit a minimum amount you would automatically receive free money.

On Tuesday, Free Money Finance was the featured blogger in the Budget Fashionista's Being Broke Ain't Cute series. FMF had a great piece about how to start an emergency fund.

On Monday, I was the featured guest with a post about pasta, production costs vs. retail costs.

On Sunday, No Limits Ladies,, offered two super posts on Holiday shopping.

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