Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stress Tests: Higher Prices, Money Woes & Coping Tools

Rising prices and financial woes top the stress charts for a majority of participants in a Harris Interactive Survey.

The fact that money woes were among the key concerns for many respondents didn't surprise Stephanie Marston, a practicing family therapist, stress-management expert and author of "30 Days to Sanity: Create a Life You Love."

"Money concerns are certainly a huge stressor for people. People are working long hours, there are two-income families -- and yet people are still struggling to make ends meet," she said. Marston is based in Santa Fe,

And the solution: Establish priorities! A list of daily and long-term priorities will reduce stress and generate viable steps for dealing with finanical pressures, mental health experts say.

Also: Consider all options. Too often, we spin our wheels and go nowhere because we fail to brainstorm and to consider different routes for dealing with anxiety, financial pressures and career demands. I'm guilty of this too.

Anyway, here's the link for the full Harris survey report from Marketwatch.

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