Monday, October 30, 2006

Super Shopper Finds $1,200 in Free Stuff & Gets Banned from Stores

Many stores have policies about granting free-bates for mispriced items. Here's the deal: Shopper finds mispriced item & shopper gets item for free. On one very productive and profitable day, Alana Lipkin, a shopper from the Boston area, found at least $1,200 in mispriced merchandise that she scored for free.

Her usual shopping trip yields about $200 in free stuff. Now a few of the grocery stores in her local region have banned Lipkin from their aisles. Lipkin, age 45, is a single mom with two kids.

Alana Lipkin walked out of the Shaw's Supermarket here last week with 12 items -- everything from a Kodak disposable camera to Neutrogena hand cream -- all for free. -- Bruce Mohl, Globe Staff reporter

At a Shaw's in Ashland recently, Lipkin said she snared products worth more than $1,200. Her car is filled to the roof with shopping bags full of cups, sponges, toys, candles, and hand creams -- all obtained for free.

Meanwhile, here is a rundown of her strategey, which offers pointers for all of us:

* She shares the wealth with friends, and uses the barter system. She trades for things she needs.
*Lipkin searches and hunts for mispriced items.
*She stockpiles products.
*Lipkin does her homeworks and knows her prices.

Banned and Called a Shoplifter

The stores have retaliated by 1) calling Lipkin a shoplifter and 2) accusing her of switching labels on products.

Stop & Shop Supermarkets three years ago notified Lipkin she would be arrested for trespassing if she entered any of its stores. Shaw's sent Lipkin a similar letter Aug. 10, which she received shortly after the Globe accompanied her on one of her shopping trips.

``We do that with any customer who becomes disruptive in our stores," said Judy Chong , a spokeswoman for Shaw's. --Boston Globe report

I read about the story in a recent issue of People magazine. I received a batch of recent issues for free over the weekend. A good friend has a subscription and when she's finished reading, she passes the copies on to me.

Another blogger Cheap Chica ( read and blogged about the story also. And here is the link to the Boston Globe Profile.

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