Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tues. Tips: Alternative Uses for Lemonade Mix: From the Dishwasher to Greasy Hair.

Two of the entrepreneurs were in nursery school; two (my kids) were in elementary school. With a 20-something mom – a friend of mine — as their cashier, the quartet earned about $35 in one hour with a lemonade stand. Their secret formula: cute faces, a hot day in Miami and lemonade powder.

But beyond iced drinks and quick money, lemonade mix has some surprising uses. Here are a few tips that I’ve found from Woman’s World and Mrs. Fixit, which has some great cleaning tips using lemonade mix.

Lemonade can be used for:

Diswasher cleanup. Periodically, (maybe monthly) substitute lemonade mix for standard dishwashing power and then run the mix through your empty dishwasher. "The citric acid will dissolve gunk and hard water buildup," according to WW magazine.

Barbeque prep. Tenderize meat with a lemonade mix before grilling.

Hair clarifying mix. Rinse your hair with water mixed with lemonade powder to remove dirt and grease…Follow up with a standard shampoo & rinse.

Stain remover: Make a thick paste from lemonade mix and water. Apply the paste to your hands in order to eliminate berry stains from hands.

--Tips from Woman's World.

Meanwhile Mrs. Fixit also has some great tips for alternative uses with lemonade.

"Citric acid is a great cleanser; you probably have some in your home. Do you know where? Powdered lemonade mix!

1. You can get dingy toilets shiny again with a scoop of this mix, dump it in the bowl and let it sit for fifteen minutes or so while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Then just come back, swish and flush!

2. Clogged showerhead? Dissolve a scoop of lemonade mix in some hot water and soak the fixture overnight to rid it of mineral deposits and build-up. Just a side note, do not use lemon-based cleansers on brass fixtures.

3. That same citric acid will clean the inside of your dishwasher. Fill the soap cup and run the machine through a cycle with no dishes. It will clean the racks, the jets and walls with ease!

4. Lemon juice will remove berry stains and garlic odors from your hands. Wet your hands, rub a scoop of lemonade mix into them and scrub. The gritty powder will scrub your hands clean and the citric acid will remove stains and odors from your skin!

5. Lemonade mix will also come in handy in the laundry room. Make it into a paste with some cool water and spread it over stains like coffee, tea, red wine and rust. Just remember to test your clothes for colorfastness."
--Tips from Mrs. Fixit

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