Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Caught on Film: Sharon Stone at Rug Warehouse; Eva Longoria Pushing a Target Cart

Forget the high-priced personal shoppers! Sharon Stone was out on a frugal home-fashion mission. Photographers have snapped photos of Stone shopping for wholesale cloths and rugs at F&S Fabrics in LA according to several published reports. A large glossy photo in the Oct. 23 issue of Ok Weekly shows Stone smiling and chatting in front of large, unglamorous bolts of fabric.

Likewise, In the Zone features this closeup photo of Stone shopping for fabric.

Here's a quote from In the Zone:

Stone was spotted shopping for rugs and other home furnishings at F&S Fabrics in Los Angeles on Tuesday sporting every actresses worst nightmare -- no makeup!

I disagree with the snarky comment about the makeup. I think she looks fine and besides, it seems like a waste of product and time to go fabric shopping in full, camera-ready makeup. By the way, the photo in OK Weekly is much more flattering and has great fabric samples in the background.

I'm still hunting for the OK Weekly link of Eva Longoria shopping in Target, but the print version of OK Weekly features a snapshot of the Desperate Housewife in the frozen food section of the big box retailer.

Oh's a link featuring Eva Longoria in Target from a fan website called I'm not Obsessed. It's similar to the photo in the magazine--different angle--but Longoria is wearing the same outfit and pushing the same red Target cart.

Why am I featuring Celebrity news? Simple: With snobby attitudes, frugal haters and thrifty-bashers often put down frugal shoppers and wannabe savers. As a newspaper columnist, I have met readers who view my column as humor. I'm funny!?!

"Of course," one woman smiled. "I don't try any of those ideas. Not my thing, but your column is a good read. Entertaining."

Translation: Girrrrl, You are so weird, but I like you anyway.

I appreciate the honesty and the good humor, but the truth is that even high-maintenance stars with deep pockets shop at thrift stores, warehouses and big box discount retailers.

Oh, and honestly: I write about celebrities to justify my huge addiciton to fan and fashion magazines. They are so entertaining.

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