Monday, October 09, 2006

Favorite Quotes from the Carnival of Debt Reduction

"There is even a Hummer commercial where the mom and son get caught off from going up a slide by another child, thus the mom things she needs to go to buy a new Hummer to be more powerful so that her son doesn’t get bullied again."

--Those word are from My Financial Awareness in a post about separating wants from needs.


That's just one of my favorite quotes from this week's group of posts for the Carnival of Debt Reduction # 56, which I had the honor of hosting this week. Here are the others:

"Many of us know what to do but are not acting to our full potential."
--Scott on Money addressing the need for financial goals

"Actually, I'm not anti-credit card. I'm anti-debt and anti-not paying off your credit card bill every month. But as far as cards themselves go, I'm fine with them."
--Free Money about smart use of credit cards.

"Keep track of every penny that enters or leaves your life….This process paints a picture of your spending habits as they actually exist, not as you think they exist"
—Get Rich Slowly on the importance of tracking pennies

"It’s very hard for people to spend wisely when they receive a windfall."
--My Simple Trading System on how to handle sudden cash.

"Marketing mavens everywhere are cursing my name."
--The Debt Blog on the importance of avoiding brand name products.

"In my attempt to get out of debt, I am trying to create passive income."
--Getting out of Debt with five blog-based strategies for creating additional income.

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